Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lazy Womanopause!

I appear to be having my first perimenopausal symptom! Oh joy! Time to start tapping! Last night after my most joyous tap workout --- where I was literally so happy I was smiling for hours --- I started having a very odd symptom. It felt like I had little ants or spiders crawling all over me.

The night before there had been a few mosquitoes in the house, so I thought it was a mosquito. Then I remembered that I had been sort of creeped out by the dead squirrel that had been delicately laid to rest on my couch earlier in the day...was I just a little creeped out? Or, did the beloved dead one have flees?

Well, it just got worse and worse, so I was up almost all night. Then I googled "itchy skin symptom" and lo' and behold several hits had the word "menopause"!!!

So, my lazy answer to this is book an appointment with the best hormone expert on the planet, Prudence Hall of The Hall Center --- The waiting list to even get a returned call is about a month. Hopefully I won't have the itching all month, for the Love of a Lazy God!

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