Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sexy Water

I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror at Pilates this morning. Not lovin' it. I confess I haven't been drinking enough water lately. I've been busy in the evenings so I've been missing TV shows and movies that I normally would catch. So, they are waiting for me in the DVR lineup. When I finally sit down at the end of a busy evening, I feel like the casts are in there screaming "Watch me! Watch me!" So, I stay up way too late and do as they ask, of course.

The fallout is that I have been underslept these last few days and I've been drinking more coffee. When I'm nursing coffee in all its myriad forms throughout the day, I don't drink as much water. Just a few days out of the habit and I literally forget to bring water to my desk! And, I consider myself a water-holic, so this is odd for me. But, being underslept all I want is sugar and caffeine. Water isn't enticing me right now, and my skin is suffering.

I need to turn this around so I stopped at the store on my way home and got some oranges. I have a Persian cucumber, and there are lemons on the tree outside. So, as soon as I hit "POST" I'm going to go make myself the most delicious pitcher of ice water with thinly sliced cucumber, orange and lemon. I am committed to drinking the whole pitcher before I go to bed. I promise you, oh dear blog witness.

And, I'm going to put it in my favorite glass pitcher so I can see the colors. I need to make my water as sexy as possible. That should do it.

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