Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laziest Workout in the World! (No Joke, No Hype)

I have to tell you, my brilliant amazing genius Accupuncturist, Marsha Connor (she cured me of a year long battle with plantar fasciitis in one session!) literally has never let me down with her advice.  The last couple of sessions I've had with her she has mentioned INTERVAL TRAINING as an effective, quick weight loss solution.

I heard her but I didn't really listen because:

1.  I'm scared of running because I seem to always get injured.
2.  I feel like I work out as hard as I can/want/etc. already. 
3.  I have never "felt" like a sprinter -- like only athletes to that kind of stuff!
4.  I thought -- it's not the workout I need to change, it's the food going in!

Well, last week I was on a website that had a link to an interval training sample workout.  I clicked on the link and found a super cool 42 minute workout that started at 3.5 speed and went as high up as 7.0.  I thought I'd give it a shot, but didn't know if I would succeed.  It was incredibly fun!

I've done the workout every day since because it makes me feel so good.  Today, though, my calves were so sore -- the soreness didn't start until yesterday, oddly -- that I didn't push myself as hard, and I only had time to do 30 minutes.

But, I'm actually going to be working toward just doing 20 minutes of interval training a day.  If you google interval training you'll see that lots of workouts are just for 10 or 20 minutes.  Twenty seems to be the average.  And this is precisely why my accupuncturist suggested it -- it's a quick way to get powerful results.

I will tell you at 48 years old I have literally never in my life had more dramatic results in a one week span of time.   Interval training is touted as a belly fat buster and I can literally see the belly fat melting away -- in a very different way than I have seen in the past.  Yes, I'm on Weight Watchers, but healthy weight loss (up to 2 pounds a week) doesn't usually cause dramatic body changes in two weeks.  This training HAS.

Listen, you don't have to be super fit to do interval training.  I have pretty much always worked out 7 days a week (except when injured or ill) so I am pretty fit.  You can start at whatever level you are comfortable.  You can start slow and increase gradually as you see where your limits are.  The bottom line is you have short periods of working at your maximum capacity (push yourself very hard) and then rest, push-rest, push-rest.  It's the least boring workout I've ever had, and I always feel so proud of myself at the end of the workout.

If you want fast results, a fulfilling workout, in a minimal amount of time -- give interval training a shot.

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