Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lazy Weight Loss

Weight Watchers works!  I've lost 4.2 pounds in two weeks and have had many, many WWgasms, i.e., foodie-gasms while on Weight Watchers.  I even ate at two of my very favorite restaurants -- Indian and Italian (cornmeal crust pizza oh my god) -- and simply didn't over-eat which is what I tend to do when sitting in front of a lot of amazing food.  And, I literally NEVER felt deprived in these two weeks.  If I had a craving for something I got it -- either in a less-egregious form or in smaller quantities or just as it always was. 

I only just now -- minutes before writing this -- had the first thing I've eaten in these two weeks that didn't truly please my palate.  The Weight Watchers Chocolate Caramels -- only two points -- and I bought them because they come in individual cute little packets and are far fewer points than their mainstream candy equivalent, and I thought they might be a good thing to put in my bag or car if I had a burning sweet tooth.  But, they have an undercurrent of protein bar flavor.  I can't bear that flavor.  So, that's a no starter.

But, this is a great reminder of the wonder and magic of Weight Watchers - that I don't have to compromise my foodie palate.  I can have a piece of fine dark chocolate or even a tablespoon of yummy chocolate chips.  (I love gourmet chocolate chips!)  In other words, I'd rather have a small portion of the real thing -- or even a big portion and use my extra Weekly Points -- than not have my foodie WWgasm.

I can be a FOODIE and lose weight on WEIGHT WATCHERS.  And, I definitely don't need to give up literally any food on the planet.  I just fit it in and make it work.

I hadn't had Spicy Tuna Rolls in a while.  I was trying to stay away from tuna for several reasons.  And, I only need to eat fish about once a week.  But, this morning I knew I had to have TWO spicy tuna rolls for lunch.  That's 13 points which is nearly half of my daily points but I can absolutely -- with great ease and LAZINESS -- accomodate that in my day's eating.

For me -- Spicy Tuna Rolls -- give me a major WWgasm with their spiciness, texture, a bit of crunch from cucumber (at the sushi place I go to), creaminess, chewy seaweed and perfectly cooked rice. 

I couldn't even finish two rolls even though I wad been ravenously hungry. I took 4 of the 12 pieces home and had them as my afternoon snack. 

I don't have a good track record of leaving food on my plate.  I rarely leave a morsel on my plate.  And, I wasn't even told by my mom as a kid that I needed to clean my plate in honor of the children starving worldwide!  I simply have an aversion to wasting yummy food -- as if the trespass of overeating and hurting my body is better for me and the world than throwing away some delicious food. 

I am really getting how being overly-full -- being anything other than satiated -- hurts me and my body.  Somehow I have equated overly-full with comfort, but it is anything but comfort-able!

People who overeat don't love food more than people who eat to satiation.  People who overeat -- WE -- ME included -- love food more than we love our bodies and the pain, dis-comfort, dis-ease, dis-tension, dis-orientation that overeating-food-coma-bloating-craziness causes.

Lazily losing weight is more than adjusting the intake (food) and the outtake (exercise).  Lazily losing weight is working through the inner and outer layers of fat-producing thoughts and behaviors.

Putting boundaries on my eating with Weight Watchers is opening up lots of layers.  Also, Marianne Williamson's CD "Meditations for Weight Loss" is spectacularly loving and supportive and eye-layer-opening.

Lazily lovingly losing weight...


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