Friday, January 07, 2011

Yet another WWgasm!

I think I just figured out why I love Weight Watchers.  Because my attitude around food is very child-like and this child needs BOUNDARIES!  Weight Watchers gives good healthy boundaries.  You literally eat whatever the heck you CHOOSE.  So, if I "wanna" spend 4 of my 49 daily points on an ice cream candy bar, I get to. 

So, WWgasm #1 was the Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bar which tastes nothing like a diet anything -- it even has full crunchy salty peanuts in it!  It's to die for.

WWgasm #2 was last night when I went to one of our favorite pizza places on the planet.  They make CORNMEAL CRUST pizza!  Oh my god.  But, I had 1/2 piece of pizza.  It's so rich and so good that it was really satisfying.  I also had about a cup of Pasta Puttanesca AND my favorite beet/gorgonzola/toasted nut salad.  I left not feeling disgusting like I usually do.  I left feeling light, happy, satiated and like that little girl had a bunch of really amazing treats -- three things I absolutely adore.  

I used some of my extra 49 points I'm allowed for the week -- and highly encouraged to take -- and I absolutely know yesterday was a loss day. 

Little girl taken care of - CHECK!
Boundaries still in place to ensure she remains taken care of -- CHECK!
Foodie desires still met -- CHECK!

Takin' care o' weight loss business The Lazy Way!

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