Monday, January 03, 2011

Lazy New Year's Eve Dinner -- Blessing the New TAGINE!!!

We were staying at a guest house on the Demetria Vineyard that has a mostly furnished kitchen, but definitely doesn't have all the tools we are used to having so we always have to go with the flow and have an adventure when we cook there.  We sipped their lovely wine as we cooked and just enjoyed the New Year's Eve ride with our new friend:

The new member of our cooking family: Tommy Tagine!  We got him at Sur La Table.  He was the last one on the shelf, perhaps the runt of the litter but we loved him immediately and had to take him home. 

So, we started with this recipe from the book TAGINE SPICY STEWS FROM MOROCCO by Ghillie Basan which we also got at Sur La Table.  I found tons of amazing recipes online for future Tagine Tommy meals but Aaron really wanted to make this recipe, so I let him have at it.

I was his sous chef and I cooked up the supporting cast -- Smashed Cumin Potatoes and Salad with Cumin Roasted Garbanzos.   I made these last two things up but they came out really delicious, if I do say so myself.

Cumin Smashed Potatoes = New Potatoes smashed with olive oil and butter (not a ton of either), chopped Italian parsley, a couple tablespoons of Preserved Lemon, probably a couple teaspoons -- maybe a tablespoon of Cumin, salt, pepper....DELICIOSA!

Cumin Garbanzo Salad = Mixed fresh lettuces, lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper and Roasted Garbanzos (drain and rinse can of garbanzos, let them dry, then toss with cumin, salt, pepper and olive oil in 350 to 400 degree oven -- watch them to not overcook)

Dessert was VERY LAZY because any time we are in Los Olivos the ONLY DESSERT to eat is wine-infused cupcakes from ENJOY CUPCAKES.  Oh my god if you are ever in the vicinity or can afford to have them ship you a batch, I highly recommend that you do so without a second's hesitation.  Unbelievable light rich moist cakes with not-too-sweet rich lovely filling and again not-too-sweet flavorful divine frostings.  And, they are gorgeous!

It was a magical way to bring in the New Year! 

We are looking very forward to a lovely year with Tommy Tagine.  You guys, the unbelievable news is that you use barely any fat in cooking these tagine recipes....and they are so incredibly flavorful and nurturing.  But, more than that -- they LOOK GREAT -- colorful, colorful, colorful!

Buon Moroccan Appetito!


  1. that is a magical tagine - I look at them all the time and now you have made me covet it all over again....

  2. covet, covet, buy, buy -- only $25 at Sur La Table!!! I like it much much better than the more expensive versions. I really really love it!!!!!!!