Friday, January 28, 2011

Lazy Cold Cure

I think everyone on the planet knows someone who has had this nasty cold/flu that is going around -- the one that threatens to -- or indeed does --- worm its way from head to chest, and makes people miserable for weeks on end.

Well, I am surrounded by people who have been sick over the last three months. It's been hopping around from body to body, friend to friend, and I've almost caught it twice.  Yes two times I have narrowly escaped its clutches.  Each time at the onset of symptoms I have started taking this herb that my accupuncturist gave me a few months ago -- Astra Isatis:  I take a few tablets every few hours and within 24 hours each time I am symptom free.  This time I was out of town so I didn't start taking the remedy until I was about 24 hours in but it worked again!  I am almost symptom free about 30 hours after starting it.

Not every remedy works for every body, but whenever I find something like this I like to share it because most of us can't afford to get sick -- there's too much life, too much fun to miss if we get sick, right?!!! 

On the other hand, one very Lazy thing I do to stay well and avoid flu seaso is I give myself old movie days in bed.  When I know that I am going to get sick just to get some alone bed time, I circumvent the process and give myself the bedtime.  These days are priceless because they allow me to hop back into action after the soul and body nurturing is done.  

It's important to know what you need to give yourself to avoid having to stop your life by getting sick.  A lot of times, we get sick to just stop life.  So, what do YOU need to GIVE to yourself, to nurture you, so that you don't have to make your body suffer?  It's very Lazy to get a handle on this stuff.  But, if you don't catch it in time -- try Asta Isatis!

Happy Healing Lazy Days!

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