Sunday, January 02, 2011

Lazy Relaxing New Year's in Los Olivos

Our waiter "Fad" (short for Fadrique) serving Aaron his lucky Sambuca on the rocks (Aaron was told to drink it this way when he lived in Greece)-- with three lucky coffee beans!  

I can't believe I forgot to photograph my salad...please forgive.  We were at PETROS which is our favorite restaurant -- which, by the way has the BEST -- absolutely best -- service of all the restaurants in Los Olivos.    I had my favorite Greek Salad decomposed -- honestly best Greek Salad as far as I'm concerned.  This is the description from the menu on their website:

Petros Horiatiki Salad = Vine-ripe tomatoes, cucumber, Epirus feta- the mother of all feta, Volos olives, avocado, onions, capers, EVO* and oregano*The great news is there is a PETROS in Manhattan Beach too if that's more convenient.   The service and quality at both restaurants is impeccable.   Last night was the first time we weren't unbelievably happy with a dish -- Aaron's chicken and potatoes were overly oily.  But, they quickly comped the dish and offered to make it again.  We literally were never -- up to that point -- even slightly less than exquisitely happy with our meals.  Very elegant that they comped us at the first sign of displeasure.  Class act all around.

Aaron had his usual:

Roast Chicken = Half chicken stuffed with Epirus feta and mixed herbs. Served with fingerling potatoes, Romano beans, sprinkled with fresh lemon juice and oregano*
We have also ordered lots of hors d'oeuvres over the years, sharing bunches of flavors and savoring them all.  The owner/patriarch of Dimitria Vineyards told us to order the Shrimp Saganaki, and he was right.  It's a must-have -- rich, but you don't need a lot to be profoundly satisfied.

The bars in both places are great as well.  That's what first hooked us when we first went.  We were staying at the Fess Parker Inn where Petros is nestled, stopped for a drink before dinner and ended up cancelling our reservations.  We ate three meals in a row there!  And, have been back several times since.  It's Greek cooking at its most inspired, fresh, nurturing, nourishing and light. 
And, with the impeccable service from lovely servers like Fad, the experience on every level proves fresh, light, and relaxing.

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