Friday, January 14, 2011

Lazy Baked Treat -- WWgasm #342

I loooooooooooove to bake, and because I've been baking since I was a little kid none of it seems daunting to me.  Some recipes are more complicated than others, of course, but even the most complex baking tasks are fun to me.

I've actually always pooh-pooh'd baking mixes.  Never understood why another five minutes wasn't worth it and/or had a major judgment that it would never be as good as the real thing in terms of flavor.  But, recently when BBIW (Best Boyfriend in the World) and I were going to Los Olivos to stay in a guest house for the New Year's Weekend, I thought it might be fun to have something hot and freshly baked one cold morning.  When I was doing the final Trader Joe's shopping I happened to pass by the mixes and one caught my eye: Triple Berry Bran Muffin Mix.  I looked at the ingredients which looked great and then the instructions.  I just needed two eggs and one cup of water.  I thought "That's worth trying!"

Well, I ended up making a different egg, potato, toast extravaganza on New Year's morning and the mix sat in the cupboard until I thought "Let me check how many POINTS that is on Weight Watchers."  Lo and behold it is only THREE -- yes 3 -- that would be one, two, THREE points.  So, I made them last night and they are DEEEEEEESCRUMPTIOUS!

They really taste pretty darned homemadey, have a great texture.  I had fresh blueberries to throw in but decided to make the first round without to test the mix, but next time I will do blueberries and maybe banana too.   But, they are truly fabulous just in their purest form.

BBIW who is definitely NOT on Weight Watchers and usually is not a bran muffin kind o' guy really loved them too!  So, it's a win-win-win-low-points-treat!

Buon Bran Appetito!

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