Thursday, January 13, 2011

WWgasm #234 = Rockin' Quesadilla

I know I've talked about both quesadillas and Mr. George Forman but oh my god I just have to mention them both again.

First, the George Forman Grill is the best LAZY tool for your kitchen for the following reasons:

1.  It is FAST -- it heats up fast and works fast -- without overcooking.
2.  It takes NO FAT -- you literally put no fat on it!
3.  It gives you TEXTURE -- for instance if I want a crunchy quesadilla I leave it on longer ...if I want a warm, soft, gooey one, I take it off sooner.
4.  It's SUPER EASY to clean -- super easy to take the grills off, super easy to clean.
5.  It's CHEAP -- look around for best deal but it is never going to be an expensive proposition.
6.  They come in all SIZES -- Teeny tiny to family size.  Name your size, he done got it!!!


Now, I'm on Weight Watchers, as we all know now and the best thing about WW is it's not a diet.  You get to eat anything you want -- WITHIN BOUNDARIES.  I need boundaries.  If I don't have them I run wild.

The new WW Points Plus System is slightly irritating to me because it's clearly a low carb plan.  As a vegetarian, I tend to do a lot of carbs.  I'd rather count calories, which always works for me.  But, the calories boundary has its own pitfalls -- eating stupid food being the biggest! LOL!

I had a craving for a quesadilla last night, went to Trader Joe's and started calculating the points for my favorite quesadilla ingredients -- Yogurt Jalapeno Cheese, Ezekiel Tortillas and/or Corn Tortillas.  The total with one slice of cheese and two corn tortillas was going to be 6 points.  So, I started looking around and found a LITE cheese and a LOW CARB tortilla.  I brought them home, made a quesadilla and while it was totally fine to eat.  It wasn't DELICIOSA which is important.  I refuse to eat sub-par food to lose weight.  I have to be having WWgasms at every meal.

So, tonight I made the real deal and made my new favorite salad:

A few cups of Lettuce
Pearl Tomatoes (the big deep red ones)
2 tablespoons of Bob's Big Boy Lite Blue Cheese Dressing
4 tablespoons of Salsa (my new favorite is Trader Joe's Serrano Fresh Salsa)

It has the perfect mexican-y salad to go with a quesadilla!

This is one fulfilling WWgasm meal -- at only SEVEN (7) POINTS!


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